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SVG’S bio-diversity being threatened

SVG’S bio-diversity being threatened

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This country’s bio-diversity is under great threat.

Word on this has come from World Food Day Committee representative, Rowena Straker, who is employed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.{{more}}

“FAO also tells us that more than 840 million people remain hungry around the world and that even more suffer from nutrient deficiencies. You may say – oh lucky for SVG, we are blessed – if anyone is hungry, he/she can go fish, hunt or plant something to eat. This may be so, but our bio-diversity is under much threat from poor agricultural and fishing practices, deforestation, over-exploitation, introduction of exotic species, climate change, pollution and more recently bio-technology, particularly as it relates to the production of GMOs [genetically modified organisms] and LMOs [living modified organisms],” she stated.

She said some species such as ground doves, white snakes, monarch butterflys, jack in the boxes, guard horses and hummingbirds are rarely seen today.

Straker made the comment as she delivered a feature address at the Girls’ High School annual harvest and thanksgiving ceremony last Friday.

Straker urged students to make a paradigm shift to ensure optimal and sustainable use of our bio-diversity.

“Consider careers that can help ensure optimal and sustainable use of bio-diversity. There are so many – SVG is sorely lacking in scientific specializations including taxonomists, microbiologists and other specialized professionals. Remember, we are a part of our earth’s bio-diversity and I would like to think that the diversity among us refers only to our genetic make up, but also extends to our professions and skills.

“We need to start thinking beyond the conventional careers that seem to get the nod of society – yes, we need lawyers and doctors, but we also need biotechnologists, oceanographers, entomologists, icthyologists, marketing specialists.”

She said, more often than not, we have to look outside SVG to find consultants for various projects and then we turn around and say “Dem nah weary gi foreigners dem jab deh.”