October 29, 2004
A Celebration of Talent

Poetry is alive and well in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, thanks to the efforts of a group of dedicated writers who staged a hugely successful Night of Poetry and Prose Readings at the Attic on Friday, October 22.

This newly formed writers’ group, under the direction of Vynette Frederick, William Abbott, Paula David and Anthony Theobalds, which meets every two weeks in the Conference Room, UWI, entertained a most appreciative audience of over 100 persons to an evening showcasing tremendous literary talent. {{more}}

Vincentians are hungry for such cultural activities, and such talented persons need space and opportunities to display and market their myriad talents. Undoubtedly there was much political content in some works. “Nine Days”, a satirical piece by Paula David, was a poignant reminder of the style and nature of politics in this country. The dramatic and evocative style of Vynnete Frederick catapulted her readings to new heights.

She was excellent in using her poetry to provide a focus on the issue of cultural identity. There was a lighter side to the presentations too. Philip Nanton, now attached to St. George’s University in Grenada, was his effervescent self. There were some commentaries on the education system and vignettes of personal reminiscences.

And while the evening undoubtedly helped to lift the spirits of those in attendance and momentarily deflected them from their depressing social and political conditions, it served to remind us all that we must enjoy life too and we must strive to develop ourselves spiritually and intellectually.

I must congratulate the organizers of the programme for a job well done. The January Writer’s Workshop, conducted by then “Artist in Residence” (UWI) Phillip Nanton, and the subsequent visit of writer Earl Lovelace of Trinidad, helped members of this group to refocus their writing activities and inspired the organization of this group to the point where they were able to put on this tremendous show.

“A Celebration of Sound” was a wonderful experience for all of us. We hope that this group will organize many more activities and further stimulate an interest in literature, improve writing skills, and showcase the abundant literary talent in St. Vincent, as evidenced in Friday night’s programme. The School of Continuing Studies will continue to assist this group in every way possible. Congratulations, CWC.