October 22, 2004
Rotary Club assist in Grenada

A contingent of over 140 individuals departed St. Vincent just after 11 p.m. on Friday, October 1, on the MV Admiral II, to Grenada as part of a Rotary Village Doctor Exercise to assist that hurricane-battered island. The group included 13 Rotarians, one Rotaracter, 15 medical doctors, 13 medical students, five nurses, six pharmacists, three dentists, four auxiliary dental staff, 25 construction workers, one social worker/counselor and many others. {{more}}

They transported cargo comprising over 700 pounds of medical supplies and donations of varying sorts of supplies donated by more than 75 persons and firms here. The Rotary Club says that many individuals and firms also contributed money to this service of goodwill.

While in Grenada, the contingent, which was welcomed by that country’s health minister, held free clinics in both the capital St. George’s and in Grenville on Saturday and Sunday, October 2 and 3, treating more that 500 patients with a wide range of ailments. The remainder of the medical supplies was left with the general hospital in St. George’s.

The 25 construction workers who were part of the contingent completely replaced the roof of the School for Children of Special Education on Saturday.

President of the Rotary Club, Dr. Collin Boyle, expressed his thanks to all who contributed to this cause in money, materials and manpower. Dr. Boyle said the project was a resounding success and one in which he is proud. He further said the project would not have been possible had it not been for the hard work of his community service director, Dr. Francois Truchot, and members of the Rotary Club of St. Vincent.

The Rotary Club president also expressed thanks to the Medical Association, the non-Rotarian doctors and dentists, the Pharmacy Association and the pharmacists, the nurses, the sociologist, and the medical students from the Kingstown Medical College who were part of the team. He also conveyed his gratitude to the Rotary Club South for sending the construction team and materials and to the firms and individuals who contributed generously to make this trip a success saying: “This is what Rotary is all about, ‘Service above Self’. The hands-on effort to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters.”