October 22, 2004


“Fort Charlotte , as it is called, consisted of a fortified enclosure on the summit of the hill, with defensible barracks down the hall on the sea side. It once mounted 34 guns, but these were sited facing north and east so as to protect the fort from land attack and not to command the harbour of Kingstown.” (David Bussieret, “The Elusive Deodand: A study of the Fortified Refugees of the Lesser Antilles,” Journal of Combined History 6(1973) pgs 43-80. {{more}}

“The former garrison hospital below the fort is now in ruins since its destruction by fire a few years ago. The building dates from about 1820 and is an early example

of the use of prefabricated cast iron, the material of which the verandahs are built” (David Bussieret – “A Report on the Chief Monuments of Antigua, Barbados, St.Vincent et al, 1971)