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Vitamalt shopping spree for Hoyte today

Vitamalt shopping spree for Hoyte today

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Today, Andre Hoyte will have 60 seconds to grab whatever he can from the shelves at the Bonadie Supermarket number two in Kingstown.

Hoyte is the first place winner in the “Vitamalt Krazy Krowns” shopping spree competition. {{more}}His name was pulled from a number of other entries by proprietor of the Bonadie Supermarket number two, Paula Crichton-Bonadie last Tuesday. Hoyte’s shopping spree will take place from 10 a.m.

A date for the second draw for the second shopping spree is not yet set, but it is scheduled to take place before October 31.

According to Dwight Stewart, sales representative at the St. Vincent Brewery, persons wishing to enter can place six Vitamalt crowns marked shopping spree, in an envelope along with a name and contact number and place them in specially marked boxes at Vitamalt outlets or at the Brewery in Campden Park.

Other prizes such as computers, cell phones and game consoles can be won by looking under Vitamalt crowns. Stewart said that persons can instantly win the prizes shown under the crown.