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Prisoners on the loose

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While Grenadians sought refuge from the ravages of Hurricane Ivan, some inmates at the Richmond Hill prison compound used the lapsed in security to run for freedom.

That compound houses some of the region’s most renowned inhabitants. Among them, are the controversial 17 former officials of the ill-fated Grenada revolution including Bernard Coard, Deputy Prime Minister of the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) who informed the region through a BBC report that he had not left the prison. {{more}}

Coard, in jail for the past 21 years for his part in the death of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and others, has been seeking unconditional release.

The Grenada Today, a weekly newspaper edited by Grenadian journalist George Worme, reported in its September 24 edition that former Lieutenant-Colonels Ewart Layne and Liam James, from the People’s Revolutionary Army had been spotted at their homes in company of a prison officer, the day after Hurricane Ivan struck.

The paper claimed that former Commander Hudson Austin was also seen at his home. These inmates have all returned to the prison facility.

But while those inmates made the trip out and back to prison, others have not returned. Among those missing are six Vincentians.