Government has  new website
October 8, 2004
Government has new website

Sharing information between government ministries has now become easier.

The ministry of Telecommunications, Science and Technology has embarked on a project to allow easier access to file and information sharing between government agencies. {{more}}

On Tuesday, Telecoms Minister, Jerrol Thompson, formally launched the government’s official website at the peace Memorial Hall. With the domain, the website can be regarded as a breakthrough in information technology here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Apart from serving as the central database for government information, the website will enable civil servants to function more effectively while improving the services for businesses.

According to the Telecoms Minister, the e-service is in keeping with the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act passed last year January, which allows easier access to information by the public.

“We are providing valuable information to Vincentians, visitors and potential investors,” the minister expressed.

Thompson highlighted that the website “indicates a coming of age of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.” He said: “It is the value placed on keeping Vincentians at home and in the diaspora informed about activities of their government.”

Thompson stressed on the importance of refashioning the Caribbean, in particular, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as the place to be in to which investors using Information and Communication Technol-ogy can easily adopt.

Telecommunications Officer, Zinee Frederick, also had high praises for the initiative from the Telecommunications Ministry.

Frederick explained to Searchlight that the purpose of the web portal is to improve on the delivery of local government service through electronic means. “The purpose is to improve e-government and access to relative government services,” the telecoms officer said.

After the Electronic Transaction Act, which would be passed later this year, the website would allow the flow of information and online transactions with confidentially between the ministries and the public.