Rotary Club takes clinic to Grenada
October 1, 2004
Rotary Club takes clinic to Grenada

The Rotary Club of St.Vincent will today take a contingent of local doctors, medical and other supplies to Grenada as part of this year’s Rotary Village Doctor Programme.

The three-day trip aboard the Admiral will take to Grenada over 700 pounds of medical supplies, most of which were donated by a Rotary club in the United States while the group will be made up of, dentists, pharmacists and other members of the local medical and Rotary fraternity. {{more}}

According to a representative from the Rotary Club at a Rotary luncheon held at the Catholic Pastoral Centre in Edinboro last Thursday the Admiral will be transformed into a floating Polyclinic that will give medical attention to any and every Grenadian who turns up.

The Rotary Club will also assist in the rebuilding of the School for Children with Special Needs in Grenada.

Also present at the luncheon was Austrian Gerhard Entzman and his Grenadian wife Petrina. Entzman who works for an offshore investment business that has operations in Grenada, explained that his company is currently shipping supplies to the hurricane-torn country but noted that there was a problem with distribution of the supplies. Entzman said that, in his opinion, the Government is unable to manage the situation in Grenada.

“I am encouraging persons who have anything to take to Grenada to organise the distribution yourself,” said Entzman, who said that there is currently a lot of corruption going on, in that the more needy persons are not getting enough help.

Entzman’s wife Petrina said that currently, the hygiene situation is worsening with many persons reporting that they are suffering from diarrhoea. She said that what worries her most is that persons are just interested in rebuilding their houses and they are still not building them in a way that will withstand other hurricanes.

Among the Rotarians who will be going to Grenada are President Dr.Colin Boyle, Communitty Service Director Francois Truchot and Chief Medical Officer Dr. St.Clair Thomas.