Eustace:  Gonsalves meddling
September 24, 2004
Eustace: Gonsalves meddling

This country’s Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has been accused of meddling in the internal affairs of the southern neighbouring country of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.
And the charge comes from none other than Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace. {{more}}
Eustace alluded to a statement attributed to Dr. Gonsalves that there was no “functioning government” in the Spice country questioned Dr. Gonsalves’”sensitivity to the plight of the people in Grenada,”.
The Opposition Leader therefore questioned whether the Vincentian Prime Minister was playing “politics.”
“What was Gonsalves trying to do? What could be the intention of such a statement?” he pondered.
Parliamentary representative for East Kingstown, Eustace noted the volatile nature of the Spice Island with the fifteen constituencies split eight/seven between the government and the opposition National Democratic Congress.
Eustace charged Dr. Gonsalves with trying to undermine the Grenadian government, and for the Opposition Leader, Dr. Gonsalves’ action was “meddling in Grenada’s internal affairs.”
Eustace underlined the difficulty faced by the Grenadians and suggested: “This is not the time and certainly it is not our business.”
The Opposition Leader praised Vincentians for responding to the appeal for support for Grenadians in the wake of the passage of Hurricane Ivan.
Eustace spoke of his visit to the devastated country last Saturday. But he was not the only NDP parliamentarian to go to Grenada. Southern Grenadines representative Terrance Ollivierre went on the boat, which carried a shipment, raised by Vincentian donors. And according to Eustace, Ollivierre’s and the Vincentian’s help was appreciated.
As far as Eustace was concerned, the destruction to the Spice Island was hard to describe.
“You have to see to believe,” the Opposition leader said.
He added that the death toll could rise as recovery efforts continue as a number of persons were still missing.He made reference to a case of man still looking for his wife and daughter.