Sylvester is new Human Rights head
September 17, 2004
Sylvester is new Human Rights head

Nicole Sylvester is now the newly elected president of the local Human Rights Association. She said her election was no surprise because the executive had met earlier with her and indicated a certain course of action. {{more}}
She was elected at the Association’s General Meeting on Monday, since the position had been made vacant by the death of Victor Cuffy who served as President since its establishment in 1986.
In an exclusive interview with Searchlight Tuesday, Sylvester said “it wasn’t a total surprise. I suppose they themselves, as a body, decided to come to their own determination as to who they would like to be at the helm of the organisation.
So, it was something they themselves examined quite carefully, and I do hope that they would feel confident that they made the right selection.”
Sylvester commended the former president for his contribution to the development of the Association.
“Coming to the organisation as president of the Human Rights Association, I must start off by commending the late Victor Cuffy for the foundation that he has built- and it is one which will create a challenge for anyone”, she said.
Sylvester added that as the new president growth and survival of the association would be her focus.
“I am hoping that the new thrust that I can bring to bear is one focusing on the growth and survival of the institution. And I hope that, not just as president, but through the members, that we would be able to grow by taking stock of where we’re at, by ensuring that we have full training of the membership body so that all individuals are fully equipped on human rights issues.”
Sylvester, president of the local Bar Association, is a practising lawyer for over ten years. She co-chairs committees of the OECS Bar Association and is a member of the International Bar Association and OCC Bar.