New plans to reshape local Police Force
September 17, 2004

New plans to reshape local Police Force

By November this year, recommendations on changing the structure of this country’s Police Force should be with the Ministry of National Security. And new measures should be in place. That message came from Godfred Pompey, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security. He was giving the feature address last Tuesday at an orientation for Police recruits. {{more}}
In February next year, a batch of 50 new Peace Officers will have completed training at the Old Montrose Police Station.
Pompey pointed out the importance of additional instructions for Police officers. Pompey noted that today’s criminals are more sophisticated, and that the public was demanding more.
He promised improved conditions in the Police, but he warned the young officers that they had to be committed, dedicated and hard working.
He warned them that training was expensive, and urged them to use the training.
Assistant Commissioner of Police Bertie Pompey has completed his Legal Education and is an example of what the young officers ought to aspire to. He pointed out that a lot of emphasis is placed on “powers of arrest.” He referred to rights of prisoners, and reminded the trainees to “balance between public and prisoner’s rights.”
Assistant Commissioner of Police Pompey encouraged the officers to take training seriously and be at the top. He drew the analogy of the process of refining arrowroot starch. He compared the trainees to going through that process. But he did not want any ‘madongo’ from the production.
But perhaps the most direct welcome and indeed the genuine outline came form Assistant Superintendent of Police Artis Davis.
He described policing as “exciting,” even though he warned that it “is not an easy job.”
He alerted the young officers to their vital role in confronting criminals, and warned them that they will need stamina.
Davis reminded the recruits of the need for discipline. He warned them that there was no place in the police force if they were not prepared to follow instructions.