September 17, 2004
Art exhibition at Alliance Francaise

A Contemporary art exhibition scheduled for today September 17 is expected to help Vincentians look at art differently.
So says fine artist Robert Joyette. Joyette has recently finished studies at the School of Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica. {{more}}
Joyette in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT last Tuesday said that he would be holding an art exhibition at the Alliance Francaise where he will display a number of his works, some of which will be for sale. The exhibition will run for two weeks, closing on October 1.
The artist said that a great number of persons see art as just a hobby: “Art is not something that you do in your spare time or is it just a hobby but it is a way of life.”
He said that in his opinion, a lot of Vincentians do not appreciate art.
“I hope that they look at the pieces that will be on display not for the aesthetics but beyond the medium and what they can evoke from them.”
He added that he does not want persons to look at his work in a literal sense but in the sense of how the pieces make them feel as his inspiration comes from within.