Sisters query brother’s death
September 10, 2004
Sisters query brother’s death

A Brighton family is mourning the sudden loss of one of their own who died in circumstances that have yet to be explained to them.{{more}}
Sisters Annetta Antoine, Shelley and Shalma Sayers say they were told that police picked up their brother Leroy Sayers sometime Saturday morning. They say their brother usually suffers seizures and they were told that he had entered the home of a couple in the Belvedere area and had to be restrained.
They relate that neighbours say the police were called and their brother was taken away in a police vehicle.
One sister said she made inquiries and was told that her brother Leroy had been taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in Kingstown. Shalma Sayers says she visited her brother on the evening of Saturday last and saw him on a hospital bed being fed with IV fluids. She says his face appeared swollen and that she was advised to leave him alone as “he had to be cleaned up.”
According to the sister, the next morning, Sunday she went back to the hospital to take a fresh change of clothes for her brother. What she encountered stunned her.
When she inquired of her brother’s condition she was told he had passed away the night before.
Shalma Sayers said the nurses at the hospital expressed surprise that the deceased’s next of kin had not been contacted before.
The sisters said they contacted the police on Sunday for an explanation. And, up until Wednesday morning when they again visited the offices of Searchlight, a post mortem had not yet been carried out on the body to determine the cause of death.
Investigations are still continuing into the circumstances surrounding Leroy Sayers’ death.