Horne proposes relocation of houses
September 10, 2004
Horne proposes relocation of houses

Former Government Minister, John Horne has expressed the view that the dwelling houses constructed on the bay at Rose Place would have to be relocated mainly because of sanitation and security. {{more}}
Horne, in a brief interview with Searchlight at Rose Place Wednesday, stated “This block will have to be relocated, for sanitary purposes. It is just sand here and you can’t put pits in the sand. And the water will just keep coming up and removing the sand”.
Horne also noted that few years ago there were not so many houses located on the beach area.
The former parliamentary representative of the West Kingstown constituency was at the time visiting scenes of destruction at the Rose Place beachfront following Hurricane Ivan’s onslaught.
On the issue of the potential danger to houses in the area where large quantities of gasoline are stored for the fishing boats, Horne said “I have had nightmares of this block going up in smoke with people keeping gas in all these buildings”.
He said the boating activities at Rose Place was quite different years ago in that there were fewer boats. He explained that when hurricanes were expected the boats were pulled up on to the street, but spaces were left at certain points. He noted that there were three shops, including a coffee shop, built on the beachfront then.
Meanwhile, asked the purpose of his visit, the former area representative stated, “It is a personal one, largely because of the fact that you represented the people. You can’t turn your back on them afterward”.
He added, “Also, I grew up around here. I was living here, where Randy’s Supermarket is, when Hurricane Janet struck. That is why I can speak with great authority about Hurricane Janet”.
Horne said he was a youngster when Hurricane Janet struck. He likened it to Hurricane Ivan in that this country received the “tail end” and not the full blast.