September 3, 2004
Lower Income Houses on offer

Persons anxious to move into their own quarters can send in applications to the Housing and Land Development Corporation now that it has been made public that by the end of this year, another 150 homes will be handed over to new owners. {{more}}
The good news is that some new owners will get their units at an even lower price than those who have already purchased units under the Low-Income Housing project. Francis, flanked by Senator Glen Beache, who is also attached to the Transport, Works and Housing Ministry, disclosed that a two bedroom model was erected at Peters Hope $9,000 cheaper.
Francis announced that the savings came from tile usage and a different ceiling.
Homeowners will also have the chance of moving into units at Diamond overlooking the National Stadium where another phase of construction will begin.
Even while Francis indicated that 300 homes would be built next year he was rather guarded about the 2006 package. It did not escape notice when he outlined that the general elections were due by June 2006.