September 3, 2004
Dial up now faster and cheaper

You spend long hours at the computer tirelessly waiting for that connection to finally load, or your internet bills come faster than the actuall service… well Cable & Wireless may have found the antidote for that slow bug eating up your bandwidth.{{more}}
On Tuesday, the office of the mobile company was full of excitement after acting Chief Executive Tony Regisford, eagerly shared the new service offer with members of the media.
Cable & Wireless customers using the Internet will now experience dial up access faster and cheaper, as soon as they get their hands on the service called “X-net.”
This service, which offers more speed to download and upload information, was specially designed to cater for persons who access large files from the web on a regular basis.
According to Vice President of Networks, Leslie Ferdinand, the service was put into operation to meet the needs of a growing demand of web users.
The telecoms VP said “X-net” will literally “double upload speed of existing customers, and double the download speed as well as offer lower prices on packages” than previous services offered by the company. Not only will this service offer a better package, but it also comes with a boost from customer service staff specially trained to deal with around the clock queries from customers.
Customers who previously had DSL packages from Cable & Wireless such as Ultra will now move from $179 to $149 per month. The Premium package shifts downward in price from $599 to $349 while the Deluxe package slips from $999 to $649. The speed though does not slow down.
The new service will see extended coverage to Georgetown on the Windward to Troumaca on the Leeward side of the island along with most islands in the Grenadines.
New customers will get a chance to use the new service with a free modem and activation fee for the month of September free of cost, saving the usual activation cost f $479.