‘Caring Connections’ making a difference in communities
August 20, 2004
‘Caring Connections’ making a difference in communities

Telecommunications company Digicel is embarking on a project to show the youth how much they care.
This symbol of corporate commitment through sponsorship was launched last Tuesday evening at the Catholic Pastoral Centre in Edinboro witnessed by members of the corporate community. the programme “Caring Connections- Strong Youth, Strong Communities” focuses on developing the nation’s youth through corporate financing. {{more}}
The undertaking is a social partnership established by Digicel, aimed at encouraging pro-activity within communities with an initiative focusing on adults helping youth, youth helping youth, youth helping adults or both youth and adults working together for the community.
The programme is expected to cover a wide cross-section of the country in ten main communities over the next two years. It will focus on communities in the Grenadines, North of the Dry River, Central Leeward, South Central Windward, South Leeward, South Windward, Kingstown, East St. George, West St. George. Marriaqua and North Central Windward.
Community groups will have a chance to submit proposals and access funding from the Caring Connections programme as long as their proposals are of “sustained-ability, lasting positive impacts, proven organization and efficient planning.”
According to Digicel country manager, Patricia Maher, the project was formed out of the needs of the public. She explained that “it focuses on the youth nurturing positive relationships with the community… with a clear goal to develop the youths of the country.”
“It is Digicel’s way of giving back to St. Vincent and the Grenadines… and this is the way forward for St. Vincent and for Digicel,” Maher said.
Marketing Commuincations Manager for the Digicel OECS, Tracy Warner-Arnold described the project as a much-needed one within the communities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines: “The youth make up a large percentage of the country’s population and we want to assist them in overcoming social issues.”
She went on: “We are very pleased to have the Ministry of Social Development on board with us…” She said the project focuses on any group activity in the community. Persons or groups interested in the programme can collect forms at the Digicel office or email caringconnections@digicelgroup.com