Computers in Vitamalt promotion
August 13, 2004

Computers in Vitamalt promotion

A new promotion by the St. Vincent Brewery called “Krazy Krowns” is allowing Vitamalt drinkers to win a number of items including digital cameras and Dell computers.
Consumers can look under the Vitamalt crown to see if they have won a prize.{{more}}
Other items up for grabs are cell phones, phone cards, Playstations, DVD players, Game Boys and free Vitamalt. Two draws for shopping sprees at a leading supermarket are also in the mix. To enter these draws, collect six crowns and send them to the St. Vincent Brewery along with your name, address and a contact number.
“We are trying to make Vitamalt more appealing and exciting to the target market,” said Sales Merchandiser at the St. Vincent Brewery Sherwin Nero.
“We know that Vitamalt is a target brand so we are trying to reinforce it with innovative promotions,” added Nero.