August 13, 2004

Canouan on the up

It’s all clear, and work on expansion of the Canouan airport can well begin.
The government can put US $15 from the Citibank Trinidad and Tobago to use. That money will upgrade the Canouan Airport.
The Canouan Airport Loan Authorisation Bill was passed in the House of Assembly last Tuesday as the session, which began August 3 continued. {{more}}
Debate on the subject was intense with contributions from both sides of the House.
Members of the House and used the opportunity of the live debate aired on radio to promote their chances in their areas of concern. For example, Southern Grenadines area representative Terrance Ollivierre was happy with the developments in Canouan. He expressed delight with the efforts to continue the enhancement of the tourism product in the Southern Grenadines.
Senator Edwin Snagg, riding on the wave of his party’s programme, was delighted with the advances coming to the Canouan and the southern Grenadines.
Tourism and Culture Minister Rene Baptiste was certain that the airport expansion was bound to benefit the nation all-round.
But it was Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves who drove home the benefits of the developments in Canouan.
He alluded to the exposure for the State with direct international connections from the tiny island to cities on the East Coast of the United Sates of America.
Not only will the upgraded airport expose Canouan to international destinations, but also the American Airlines database will form an important part of the Canouan marketing strategy.
Canouan has been transformed into a min International centre much in the vein of its neighbouring territory Mustique.
There are other attractions to Canouan. An 18 Hole Championship Golf Course, plus a redesigned gym and other facilities are incentives for scale tourism market.
The last House sitting also formalised means for borrowing US $15 for various projects in the Public Sector Investment programme.
Some of those measures to be implemented include extension to the E. T. Joshua airport at Arnos vale, improving the Arnos vale Playing Field and to help finance construction of the national stadium at Diamond.
Money will also be used for building of the Cross Country Road, Prison, River Defences, Police Stations, Clinics, Low Income Houses, a Coconut Water Bottling Plant, Dasheen project, and the YWCA building.