August 6, 2004
Vincentians to benefit from 40 Mexican scholarships

Just as some 30 Vincentian professionals are expected to return home from universities in Spanish-speaking Cuba, another 40 could be leaving our shores soon to pursue studies in the Spanish language.{{more}}
The Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines has announced the receipt of forty (40) scholarships from the Government of Mexico. These come as part of a total of 140 scholarships promised to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves by the Government of Mexico in May last year.
Making the announcement in the House of Assembly Tuesday during the delivery of a Ministerial Statement, Dr. Gonsalves said that of the first 20 Vincentian students who left for Mexico last year, one has returned “for personal reasons”.
The Mexican programme has been welcomed by Vincentians as these sholarships like those that have been offered by the Republic of Cuba since 1980, come free of cost to the recipients.
Some 19 Vincentian students are currently studying in Mexico, mainly in the Sciences.