Heavy rains flood E.T Johsua airport
August 6, 2004
Heavy rains flood E.T Johsua airport

Life returned to normal in St. Vincent and the Grenadines following a cloud burst last Wednesday. Over a 24-hour period, rainfall associated with Tropical Depression Number Two dumped 234.8 mm in the State.
The extreme rainfall caused flooding in some low-lying areas especially at the nation’s lone airport on mainland St. Vincent, the E.T. Joshua. {{more}}
According to National Disaster Preparedness Coordinator Howie Prince, a drain near to the airport was blocked and large amounts of debris and mud seeped into the terminal building at E.T. Joshua. The runway was also affected by the debris, which caused a disruption in air traffic for most of that day.
Sections of the Police Force, especially the Fire Department had to be deployed to clean up the mess at the airport.
Traffic slowed considerably on the main Windward Highway to and from capital city Kingstown but the extent of normal activity was not severely hampered.
Commuters on the Leeward end were more fortunate, as there were only currents of water on the roads, which forced drivers to exercise more caution.
The situation petered out as the day wore on and Vincentians once again breathed a sigh of relief. The heavy clouds dispersed and the sun returned in glorious Caribbean fashion.