July 30, 2004

Night court in session
Traffic offenders who work during the day can go about their duties without having to worry about court matters. They can have their differences with the law solved in off duty hours.
Night court is a reality. The venue is the Calliaqua Magistrate Court. Hearing began last Monday afternoon, presided over by Temporary Magistrate Carlyle Dougan QC. {{more}}
The former Attorney General, is well known in the legal sphere. He was elected to the East Kingstown constituency on a New Democratic Party ticket in 1989.
Dougan took the oath of office of Temporary Magistrate at Government House last week Monday.
The Prime Minister looked at the Night Court as “convenient to the travelling public, especially minibus operators.”

Set For Life awards
Two winners in the July 17, 2004, National Lotteries Authority ‘Set for Life’ final Draw have received their prizes. Carlie Boyea of Park Hill took home his $50,000 second prize and Jenivey James of Dickson Village collected her fourth prize EC$20, 000 amount.
However, Joseph Williams of Gomea the third place winner and O’Celia Williams of Level Garden who will get EC$15, 000 for placing fifth have yet to come forward.
The Set for Life final draw was won by Stella James of New Grounds. She has received EC$500,000 worth in prizes – a house, a Nissan X-Trail jeep and EC$50,000 cash.
Emelda Wilson of Queensbury won the May Super Monthly Set For Life draw. Her prize was a computer. Other winners, Chieftain Gumbs, second prize, and Victor Peters, third prize, also received computers.

Rawacou pool
If things go according to plans, there will be changes in the South Windward constituency over the next nine months. A Sea Bathing Facility (Pool) would be available for residents and visitors alike. The venture will cost EC$774, 030 with EC$300, 000 provided by National Lotteries Authority.
Area representative Sir Vincent Beache, ensured the fulfilment of the venture in a ceremony earlier this month. Sir Vincent in his official capacity signed the contract with Sea Operatives Limited.
SVG is best
If you are looking for an ideal destination come to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The multi–island State, tucked away between St. Lucia to the North, the Grenadian dependency of Carriacou to the south, and Barbados to the east, has been named World’s Best Caribbean Island Destination” in Travel + Leisure Magazine’s 2004 World Best Awards.
This country received the award earlier this month at a special presentation at the Lincoln Centre, New York.
“Word on our pristine islands, untouched and un-commercialized, must be getting out! It’s no surprise that Travel + Leisure’s sophisticated readers are the first to find us out,” said Rene Baptiste, Minister of Tourism and Culture.

Heads back in class
As preparation for the new school year continues, heads of primary and secondary schools have been sharpening their skills. The Caribbean Society for Educational Administration (CARSEA) SVG completed its third annual workshop last Tuesday.
It was staged under the theme, “Building School Communities”.
Hilton Browne, president of CARSEA SVG, said the workshop explored the theme by considering contemporary issues in Caribbean education.