Yan Qi gets a surprise
July 9, 2004

Yan Qi gets a surprise

Her name is Yan Qi He, an original Mainland China resident.
Seven years ago she joined her parents here and has yet to get over the teasing she is often exposed to by some segments of the Vincentian population, but she has acquired enough strength to overcome them. {{more}} At least her performance at the recent Common Entrance is nothing to make sport about.
Yan Qi placed second in the exams, with grades of 90 per cent in math, 88 in general paper and 86 in English.
She looks forward to her secondary education, which begins in September, but expressed surprise at her good showing at the Common Entrance.
“I didn’t expect to come second,” Yan Qi said. She is still adapting to aspects of Vincentian culture and the observance of some forms of our national festival.
“We don’t dress like that,” she mentioned, but queried: “Why do they go out in underwear?”
Yan Qi spoke of the difficulty in the earlier part with the English language, and admitted: “ I learnt it in school and from friends and from listening to people.”