Starlift retains pan title
July 9, 2004

Starlift retains pan title

Senior Panorama

It might perhaps be something of a repetition. For whenever a Panorama competition is staged here, invariably, Starlift wins. Last Dimanche Gras was no exception. Cable & Wireless Starlift romped to their 17th Panorama title. That time it was with a rendition of Jeremiah Johnson’s song ‘We steelband pan,’ arranged by Ashley Kirby. {{more}}Using 51 players, Starlift beat National Lotteries Authority Sion Hill Euphonium into second with their version of Lennox Bowman’s ‘Dead a‘ready.’
Starlift’s captain Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts reflected on Starlift as an institution with their motto ‘men may come and men may go; but Starlift goes on for ever.’
Roberts attributed the togetherness of the band as the reason for their success.
The theme is proving a reality. For a number of pannists have made their mark with Starlift and have moved on. Some have even returned to the fold adding to the longevity of the organisation.
Potential Steel Orchestra with ‘No flag, no Man’ placed third. Two other bands in the competition staged at Victoria Park were Elite Steel Orchestra with Man Age’s ‘Having a good time this year,’ and AT&T Wireless Rhythmix who played Princess Monique’s ‘Political commentary unwanted.’