Old George is true Ironman
July 9, 2004

Old George is true Ironman

Earl ‘Old George’ Daniel has again proven himself St. Vincent’s true Ironman and can now boast of being the Ironman of the Caribbean.
He earned the right to such accolades after completing a gruelling 85 hour trek wihout sleep from Chateaubelair to Georgetown via capital Kingstown and back to his starting point plus…
That plus means that Daniel finally ended his HIVAIDS Education Drive Walk dubbed The Ironman Endurance’s Challenge on Monday at 1:30 p.m. in front of the AT&T Wireless Kingstown Office.
The walk had begun at midnight Thursday, July 1, as he embarked on the feat many doubting Vincentians was possible.
This time around Old George started the walk without his usual team members Joel Butcher and Otis Sylvester though with the company of newcomer Franklyn Williams who joined in the effort after hearing the walk advertised.
Williams however, only managed to complete about 150 miles after succumbing to exhaustion. Daniel on the other hand, the better conditioned man, finished the walk in 3 1/2 days plus 1 hour.
“The walk would have been easier if I had better shoes,” he said afterward.
In fact, he suffered abrasions to the toes and bottom foot due to improper shoes and wearing rain soaked socks.
This was a journey that saw him literally walk through adverse weather conditions – lightning, thunder and torrential rains especially around the North Leeward area.
Daniel said that donations will be collected all of this week just as they began coming in last week from business houses and individuals as Daniel continues to play his part in bringing to the fore the issue of HIV and AIDS in our societies.