Marriaqua queen wants prize money
July 9, 2004
Marriaqua queen wants prize money

Weeks after President of the Marriaqua Development Organisation (MARIDO) Barbara Bacchus complained about lack of funds to adequately run P’Tani Mas 2004, one contestant in the Miss Marriaqua 2004 show is up in arms about not receiving her prizes and prize money.{{more}}
Victoria Dowers, who visited SEARCHLIGHT last week Tuesday, said, “Since winning I haven’t received any prizes and I don’t understand what’s going on.”
Dowers took the crown in the 2004 show on Friday June 4 at the Cane End Playing Field and is claiming that, almost one- month after, she has not received her reward.
According to Dowers, “No one has called me and explain anything and when I try to call Miss Bacchus no one answers the phone”.
Dowers however pointed out that she was told by a member of MARIDO’s management team that all of the funds promised to them by various entities have not yet been paid.
Miss Marriaqua was promised EC$1000, a trip to any Caribbean Island and other gifts.
When contacted, Bacchus who was very annoyed said that MARIDO has not yet received all of the monies promised to them by the different organisations including the Government.
“Up to now we haven’t got the money,” she said before using a string of expletives to vent her anger and hanging up the phone on our reporter.