Joshua does it for boys
July 9, 2004
Joshua does it for boys

Joshua Williams, an 11-year-old Windsor Primary School student, has secured the best results for boys in the recent Common Entrance examination.
But while he enjoyed top honours on the male list, he placed third overall, his moment of glory eclipsed by two girls. {{more}}
Joshua admitted to being “excited” about the results.
He received support from math teacher Janice King and extra science lessons from his dad Dr. Darwin Basil Williams, with his mom Janine Williams being his anchor and guide.
Joshua heads to the St. Vincent Grammar School in September but he has not finalised any career goals. His favourite subject is composition, he outlined and stated: “ I like to write stories by myself.”
Perhaps Joshua may just get into the field of journalism. But the best is yet to come from him.
His advice to his peers is, “Don’t be nervous. There is nothing to be nervous about.”
He added: “Take in as much as you can, but don’t study much the day before the Common Entrance.”