Four ‘caretakers’ back from Greece
July 9, 2004
Four ‘caretakers’ back from Greece

Four local Caretakers of the Environment have returned home after a successful participation in a global conference that took them to Greece.
The four students of the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, Maria Peters, Orlando Charles, Shacolann Hackshaw and Stacy Bacchus attended the 18th Youth Environmental Conference of Caretakers of the Environment held in Tessalonica, Greece.{{more}}
The students, members of their school’s prize winning Caretakers of the Enviroment Club were accompanied by their Environmental Studies teacher Lotier Rose and SJCM principal Sister Patricia Douglas. Their presentation at the global forum was entitled “From Trash to Art” which highlighted the recycling of everyday waste material to create pieces of art.
A group spokesperson said their presentation was so well received that they were commended for it. As a result their work is to be included in the official magazine of the Caretakers of the Environment which celebrates this world conference every two years.
They have expressed thanks to the British High Commission for sponsorship for the second year, The National Lotteries Authority and the Rotary Club South which all came forward to assist with funds to make their participation possible.
The SJCM has participated in two similar fora before, in Sweden in the year 2000 and Italy in 2002 when different groups of students were given the opportunity to attend.