Admiral gives Vincy Mas three stripes
July 9, 2004
Admiral gives Vincy Mas three stripes

“Congratulations to St.Vincent and the Grenadines”.
What are we being congratulated about?
A fantastic Carnival production, Kevin Little and Soca Monarch and Road March King 2004 Orande “Bomani” Charles, among many other persons and things associated with SVG. {{more}}
This recognition comes from Barbadian Anthony “Admiral Nelson” Nelson.
Admiral Nelson, as he is widely known in Barbados, is a popular Disc Jockey, radio personality, television host and journalist who has been covering the various regional Carnivals since 1981. Part of his activities include covering the various carnivals that the region has to offer.
This year his activities brought him to SVG to cover Vincy Mas 2004. His coverage was aired on various radio stations and CBC TV 8 last Monday night, after which he returned to SVG to finish his undertaking.
SEARCHLIGHT caught up with the versatile entertainer at Carnival City Victoria Park last Tuesday during Mardi Gras, the last event for Vincy Mas.
“I put a lot of emphasis on Vincy Mas because it’s fantastic,” said Admiral Nelson who also stated that, in his opinion, Vincy Mas is bringing back the reality of what carnival is all about.
“Carnival is the things that affect the community and are seen in rivalry and colour,” he said. Admiral Nelson also commended SVG for not being carried away by the Brazilian way of playing Carnival. In his own words, the Admiral thinks that Vincentian revellers are more than happy to bedeck themselves in full costume attire.
He also commended SVG on the standard of their steel band, saying that, in his opinion, steel band in SVG is on good footing. Covering Carnivals in St.Lucia, Grenada, Trinidad, St. Kitts and Antigua, Admiral was able to stress again that the presentation of Vincy Mas is very commendable and that a lot of people take part in the celebrations. However, he was of the opinion that the annual festival lacks the proper promotion and that it should be advertised more on a regional level.
Admiral Nelson also boasts of having one of the largest musical archives in the Caribbean. He has over EC$300,000 worth of music which includes over 8000 records, about 7000 albums and over 4500 CDs.
In his collection, one can find Kevin Lyttle and his “Turn me on”, Pat Ralph’s “I got you whipped”, Destra’s “Bonny and Clyde” and Machel Montano’s “Craziness” among others. The latest hit from Bomani “Who am I”, according to Admiral Nelson is just as good as these songs, which he says are exceptional party songs.
‘Every time I hear ‘Who am I’ I get goose bumps,” says Nelson.
Admiral Nelson says that in his opinion, the fact that Kevin Lyttle’s hit “Turn Me On” was first recorded in SVG, he should be allowed to record his other tunes here because SVG has shown the world that, “they got the formula to produce good music”.
He also thinks that Kevin Lyttle should, “have stuck with his Vincy connection”, therefore helping expose other local artistes.
He however acknowledges, “those guys have made the Caribbean proud”, as he reveals that he fully supports the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME).