Princess Monique, sister suffer food poisoning
July 2, 2004
Princess Monique, sister suffer food poisoning

When Princess Monique takes to the ‘Big Yard’ Sunday night to defend her Calypso Monarch title, no one will be able to tell whether she might still be feeling the repercussions of a recent bout of food poisoning.{{more}}
This promise was given by ‘Princess Monique’ Hector on Tuesday shortly after rehearsing with the Music Band of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.
When I asked Princess Monique how she was feeling she responded simply: “I’m getting there, I’m not there fully as yet but I’m getting there.
“Everything is going to be ok on Sunday night,” said the two-time reigning Queen of Calypso optimistically, although she complained of still feeling sick.
“Come Sunday they’re going to see me in all glee. Whether I’m feeling good, yes or no nobody could ever tell. Trust me they will never know,” Princess Monique said.
Princess Monique and her sister Rhia Hector took ill and had to be admitted to Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Saturday, June 26, where they spent two days after eating at a fast food outlet in Kingstown.
“Whatever we ate probably it was sour or stale, I don’t know what happen, but it made us sick,” Princess Monique disclosed.
Tracing the events that led up to Rhia and she falling ill, Princess Monique said “We had a show at the Warehouse on the Friday night, …we had breakfast about after 11 the Saturday and that was it. The evening when we were going to cook, they call us for a rehearsal. Then we went to get something to eat after rehearsals to come down back to Shipwreck.”
On Tuesday, Princess Monique and Rhia consulted a private physician who conducted several further tests on them. They are awaiting the results.
“God is good, I pray a lot and everything is going to be ok for Sunday night,” Princess Monique emphasised.
It is expected Princess Monique will defend her title and repeat the kaiso double with her two popular numbers ‘15 Talking Heads’ and ‘Political Commentary Unwanted’.
She comfortably walked away with the Calypso Queen Crown only two weeks ago at the Victoria Park.