Taiwan Trade Fair ends
June 25, 2004
Taiwan Trade Fair ends

The Inaugural Taiwanese Trade Fair came to an end last Wednesday at midday but, according to Third Secretary at the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan (ROC) Chris Lee, the event will be held annually.
The fair began on June 17 and was held on the bottom floor of the Old Public Library. {{more}}
Lee said that they are hoping that the fair will help to strengthen trade links between St.Vincent and the Grenadines and the ROC.
Lee said that a number of Vincentians have shown interest in purchasing the items on display. He said that the embassy is hoping to fill a few orders by October this year.
The Trade Fair had three categories. The first category saw the display of agro-processing products. These included different types of machinery used in agro-processing. Also on display were computers and other forms of technology that included a home theatre system with flat screen television. Digital cameras, laptops and a Motorolla cell phone were also shown. Tourism-related products, like swimwear, suntan lotion and beach chairs, also caught the attention of visitors.
Lee said that unfortunately the products were only for displaying and could not be sold.