Cable & Wireless launches IP Card
June 25, 2004

Cable & Wireless launches IP Card

Cable and Wireless last week Thursday launched their prepaid Internet service.
The service features an IP Card that allows consumers to log onto the Internet using a prepaid card.
Cable & Wireless emphasizes that a pre-paid Internet customer is not required to have an Internet account with C&W and there is no monthly bill. {{more}}
At a press conference held at the offices of Cable & Wireless, Vice President Retail Services Tony Regisford told members of the media that this card allows you access to the Internet by simply purchasing a pre-paid card.
Cards are available in denominations of EC$10 upwards with users being charged 10 cents per minute. The same card can also be used to make phone calls.
Antoher advantage of this product is that no formal registration and activation of an Internet subscription is required. However, persons wishing to use the service are required to install the C&W Dialer software, which sets up the Internet connection on the computer.
Regisford noted that the Dialer software is given free of cost. The software is not yet compatible with MacIntosh Computers, however persons can connect to the Internet with the IP Card by creating or using an existing dialup connection.
“Our anticipated target market really,” said Regisford, “is people who don’t want to have an Internet account but want to have Internet access in a controlled manner.” Regisford said that the visitor market is one of their target segments.
Also present at the launch were Marketing Manager Elornic Joseph and Data Services Officer Haniff Sutherland who gave a demonstration of how the pre-paid Card works.