Man dies after fall from truck
June 18, 2004
Man dies after fall from truck

In an age where marriages seem to be experiencing shortened lifespans, one of the “sweetest” marriages around was cheated on Tuesday when it ended in bitter tragedy.
Bernice James considered her 14 years of marriage to Renrick James of Hopewell “14 sweet years”, but that came to an abrupt end when the husband fell from the back of a pick-up truck late Tuesday morning and died.{{more}}
James died six days before marking his 48th birthday.
The self-employed father of one daughter, Necia James, had gone to Arnos Vale that morning to purchase two 100-pound gas cylinders when he met his demise.
“The gas truck did not come, so Renrick asked a guy to drop him at Arnos Vale to get the gas. The guy called me later and said on their way back Renrick fell off and one of the bottles fell on him,” said Bernice.
She said she was told at first that her husband was okay. Then the news broke that he died.
The grieving wife said her husband sustained bruises only to the left side of his body.
When asked how is the family coping, the grieving widow took a deep breath and sighed, “We’re getting there.”
Necia, a fourth-form student of the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, went to school on Wednesday determined not to allow her father’s death to hinder her from doing her exams.
“I can’t explain, I just can’t explain how good he was and how hardworking he was,” Bernice lamented.
Plans are being made for Renrick’s burial on Sunday.
The police are investigating the matter.