June 11, 2004
Skeritt calls for rescue plan for bananas

If there’s one person in the region who still remains optimistic about the future of the banana industry, that person is Roosevelt Skeritt, the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica.
“We ought never to discuss any exit strategy,” Skeritt cautioned his colleagues, as he delivered his address Tuesday morning at the International Banana Conference held in Kingstown to chart the way ahead.{{more}}
He asked for new ways to be implemented to make bananas more affordable.
“I believe all of us can work together for the survival of this very important industry, which is for the ordinary man, woman and child in the Windward Islands, and, of course, including Jamaica and Surinam,” said Skeritt.
Skeritt said he does not believe the way forward should be “exceptionally long paragraphs detailing the discussions of the conference. “
“It is time for focused action, for focused attention,” Skeritt stated.
He used the opportunity to commend his colleague, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, for initiating the conference describing him as “someone who has a genuine interest in the banana industry.”
Skeritt said he was anticipating the conference to be a frank discussion that will see the full participation of every sector of the banana industry.