June 11, 2004
NDP protests this weekend

According to an official press statement from the New Democratic Party, three protest meetings in the North Leeward constituency will take place this weekend.{{more}}
This the party says, is in response to the “lack of an Economic/Financial Impact Assessment and an Environmental Impact Analysis for the proposed Cross Country Road,” which the NDP feels “does not reflect the good governance practices that the Unity Labour Party boasts so much about.”
According to the NDP statement, “the ULP administration is bent on moving ahead without the studies. Regarding the latter analysis, the environmental cataloguing already done by Ivor Jackson and Associates has identified a number of ways in which our natural environment will be negatively affected by the construction of the road, as well as the effect it will have on our water supply.”
The NDP will begin these protest meetings to heighten public awareness of this situation, in the villages of Fitz Hughes, Troumaca and Spring Village.