Lotto money for mas tents
June 11, 2004
Lotto money for mas tents

In their continuing support of Vincentian culture, the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) last Tuesday made a donation of EC$1000 to each of the ten mas bands that will take part in Vincy Mas 2004.
Marketing Officer at the NLA Kumar Persaud, making the donations at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture conference room, described the donation, which has an accumulated value of EC$10,000, as a special initiative from the NLA that is expected to assist the various mas bands with their pre-expenses. {{more}}
“We feel that the good relations that we have had over the years are now going to get better,” said Persaud. He also revealed that during some fruitful meetings, the idea came up for the NLA to make the donations annual.
Also commenting on the donations was Chairman of Pankaimas Hugh Ragguette, who wore his chairman of the Carnival Bands Association hat at Tuesday’s handing over. He complimented the various mas bands for their work over the years.
Ragguette also noted that the NLA was quite pleased with the partnership.
“This is the first occasion that all mas bands would be benefiting from the assistance of the National Lotteries Authority and we extend deep gratitude,” thanked Ragguette.
Ragguette also spoke about mas bands giving the NLA a total of 21 costumes that will be given away during this month as part of the Set for Life promotion and in support of the NLA’s theme of, “Play Set for Life for Vincy Mas 2004”.
Elliot Telesford of Heineken Dragons Cultural Organisation, after thanking the NLA, told the gathering that the donation should be described as a trendsetter as he hopes that other business houses will follow the NLA and support the cultural arts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Dennis Ambrose and Executive Secretary Ashford Wood also made remarks at the presentation. Ambrose used the opportunity to present members of the press with a bag designed for Vincy Mas 2004. The bag will be sold at various souvenir shops around Kingstown and features masqueraders and steel pan players as well as the logos of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the CDC and the NLA.