May 21, 2004

Internet Fiesta to educate

Four Prime Ministers from participating OECS Member States will declare open the inaugural Internet Fiesta on Monday, May 24.
St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua/Barbuda, St. Kitts/Nevis and St. Lucia will each hold a week of activities to expose people of all walks of life to the various uses of the Internet in a festive environment.{{more}}
The celebrations, under the theme “Internet for All” are being held in collaboration with the Martinique-based Open IT, the agency that introduced the event to the OECS.
Internet Fiesta, which started in Europe about five years ago, is gradually spreading globally and it is expected to involve the entire OECS sub-region by next year.
St. Vincent and the Grenadines gets its Fiesta going with an Internet Fiesta Quiz to be broadcast on three participating radio stations.
Primary schools will be targeted for a “Ras I-Mouse” colouring contest which will draw attention to the computer mouse being used as the mascot for the local leg of the Fiesta. A one-day conference on E-Government will introduce the topic to middle- and senior-level government officials. There is a You’ve Got Mail Day. A Teen Internet Fiesta day will try to get a web page developed by students for each secondary school on the island. There will be several television promotional programmes. The closing ceremony will include prizes for the various contests and an evening party which will feature “techno music”.
The Fiesta activities in the four territories will involve on-line links with Martinique, especially at the level of the secondary school students.
A radio jingle, featuring Antiguan calypsonian Onyan, is being aired throughout the region and will soon be followed by a video jingle on regional television stations. The public is invited to visit the Internet Fiesta website