‘Life is a series of conflicts’
May 7, 2004
‘Life is a series of conflicts’

Youngsters are exposed to conflicts in diverse areas, and there is no one way of dealing with such situations.
How do people reach a level of consciousness where there is a level of peace inside? That is a question that lawyer Vynette Frederick posed to a gathering of Girls’ High School students last Friday. {{more}}
She was making the feature presentation at a rally staged at Victoria Park. It was a climax to a series of activities undertaken by that school’s Young Leaders. Their project was held under the theme: “Conflict Resolution, the mother of every peaceful nation”.
The school’s population, supported by other institutions, marched through the streets of Kingstown to Victoria Park before the rally.
Frederick noted that young people were under siege, and she threw out a challenge to the youths to find out… What is your quest for peace?
“Are you going to make it part of your daily life?” Frederick asked.
She pointed out that, “Peace is using technique to solve conflict.”
A former GHS student herself, Frederick, noted for her oratorical skills and talent in the entertainment field as well, advised students that they were never too young to have a plan of action.
“Don’t let obstacles stand in your way,” she urged.
A youngster with some appreciation of the differences as a result of the generation gap, Frederick encouraged the students and other listeners to communicate with their parents instead of rebelling.
“Communication is the corner-stone of inner peace,” she pointed out. “You have to be at peace in order to influence others,” Frederick added.
She directed the listeners to look at problems as opportunities to solve them. Frederick asked for patience and honesty. For her, honesty was still the best policy.
She also urged the youngsters to be slow to anger, and that they were not too young to be agents of change.