We need to halt this decline in our society
October 26, 2007

We need to halt this decline in our society


Message from His Excellency Sir Frederick N. Ballantyne, G.C.M.G., MD, Govenor-General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, to mark the 28th anniversary of Independence of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

As we celebrate our 28th year of Independence, let us together take a critical look at our society and try to find ways to fashion a better life for all of its citizens.

The progress we have made during the period since Independence has been significant, especially in the fields of Health, Education, Housing and Social Services.{{more}}

However, one cannot help but be very concerned by the increasing lawlessness in our society, manifesting itself by the increasing incidence of murder, rape and other acts of violence. It would seem as if we have lost that essential fabric of decent living, that is, respect for our fellow human beings.

I have always boasted of how proud I am to be a Vincentian and of the accomplishment of our people. I, however, fear that our society would have little to boast about in the future, if we are unable to halt this downward spiral which is becoming more and more evident.

I am certain that the causes are multiple, external and internal. The challenge this Independence and every day in the future is ‘can we halt this decline?’

I am optimistic enough to think that we can, but only with the combined effort of all the stakeholders, the parents, the teachers, the religious leaders, the politicians and of course the young people.

Maybe with a concerted effort we will succeed in forging the type of society which our forefathers had envisioned when they so passionately fought for Independence.

My family and I wish the Nation a happy, incident free Independence.