Be Fit Movement SVG Launches Events To Raise Diabetes Awareness
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April 16, 2018
Be Fit Movement SVG Launches Events To Raise Diabetes Awareness

The Be Fit Movement SVG has launched two events aimed at creating greater awareness of juvenile diabetes and to raise funds to support the SVG Diabetes Association.

At a media launch on Tuesday, April 3, founder and coach of Be Fit Movement SVG Lindon James announced that on Saturday, April 28, two fitness events will take place, the Flow Be Fit Dance 2 Fitness Road Edition and the Sagicor Be Fit 5K Run.

James explained that the Be Fit Dance 2 Fitness event will commence from 3:30 p.m., outside the administrative centre at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex. He said the event would require persons to do dance workouts behind a music truck, en route from the sporting complex to the decommissioned ET Joshua airport.

A police outrider, water bottle stations and a medical team will be in place along the route. Registration for Dance 2 Fitness costs $40 and includes a water mug, a T-shirt, bandanna, free water throughout the activities and others.

The Sagicor Be Fit 5K Run will commence at Ratho Mill, in the vicinity of the Blue Lagoon entrance at 3:15 p.m. James said the 5K run would also end at the decommissioned ET Joshua airport and that while persons of all ages can participate, 20 students from 12 secondary schools have confirmed attendance. The first 10 students from a school to cross the finish line will win a training kit for that school, comprising hurdles, tall and short cones, a speed ladder, a jump rope, a reaction ball, an ankle resistance stepper, a resistance harness, a resistance training parachute, a whistle, stopwatch and a first aid kit, blood pressure and diabetes testing machines. Prizes will be awarded to the top five persons in the 45 and Above Category and in the Open Category. James explained that registration for the 5K Run costs $25 and participants will be given a bib and a wristband.

“If you are not going to enter the competition it’s fine; you can buy the Dance 2 Fitness package, which is $40 and we give you the bib if you are going to do the run…but if you are going to compete, you have to purchase the bib…,” James said.

The climax of the day’s activities at the decommissioned ET Joshua airport include a medical fair, where diabetic testing will be done and where there would be training from local and regional trainers.

James explained that he became particularly interested in juvenile diabetes after one parent had asked him to work with a nine-year-old diabetic child.

Minister of Health Luke Browne said according to a study, there were just under 7,000 persons living with diabetes in the country. Browne explained that the events were in line with the Health and Wellness Commission’s plans to fight non-communicable diseases like diabetes.

Ellen Wilson, secretary of the SVG Diabetes Association, said the events will not only raise awareness, but will assist persons with diabetes with managing their condition.

Neeka Anderson of the Ministry of Health said that some setbacks in combating the condition is that some parents do not explain to teachers and others that their child has diabetes.

“You know sometimes when the illness just start to onset, persons can be a little mean in terms of their response. But after they get to understand what was happening…, it was a learning process for all of them…and it has also influenced them in terms of what they purchase, where they go out to eat…” Anderson said.

Major sponsors include Flow, Sagicor, KCCU and Mountain Top Spring Water.