Local Vibes
September 19, 2014
Taiwan Youth Ambassadors group performs in SVG

The members of the Taiwan Youth Ambassadors who visited these shores earlier this week, say that their visit to St Vincent was one of the highlights of their three-week journey.

SEARCHLIGHT sat down with Ambassador Tze-Kang (George) Li, director of the Western America {{more}}and Caribbean group, as well as performers Chieh (Jessie) Cheng and Pin-Hsuan (Isabel) Wang at the Sunset Shores hotel on Wednesday, where they spoke on behalf of the rest of the group. They said that their experience here was a pleasant and memorable one.

Ambassador Li pointed out, like many others who have visited, that the friendliness and hospitality of Vincentians is one of the most notable aspects of the team’s visit. This was supported by Jessie and Isabel.

“I am really impressed by the warm friendship and hospitality of your people, your students, your governors, and I think I was really impressed and surprised by the harmonious atmosphere with the people and the environment; there is not much pollution in your country and it remains clear and refreshing and beautiful; that’s what you can see right in front of our hotel,” Jessie pointed out.

“To get an ocean view like this, you have to go for miles. But here, every night you can hear the waves outside. And like Jessie and Ambassador Li mentioned earlier, people here are really enthusiastic. I enjoyed my stay and hope I can come back,” Isabel added.

St Vincent and the Grenadines was the final stop for the 16 performers and four officials, in their three-week, four-nation tour. The group displayed their cultural talents in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the United States, as well as in St Kitts/Nevis, then in St Lucia, before landing here, where they gave a thrilling performance at the amphitheatre at the St Vincent Community College, Villa compound.

Li revealed that there are a total of 130 Youth ambassadors, who were divided into eight groups, and performed in 36 cities in 32 countries across the world.

Prior to leaving Taiwan, the ambassadors were involved in a six-week training camp during which they prepared for the journey.

Here, the performers entertained government officials, students of the community college and the general public on Tuesday, with song and dance, poetry and music, in which they taught about their country and culture.

They also networked with students from various institutions who have expressed an interest in studying in Taiwan, and interacted with Vincentians who had studied there.

The performers described their tour of duty as a life changing experience, which allowed them to not only make new friends at home, but also in different countries around the world.

“Before I came I thought that I would love to promote my culture while I had strong desire to embrace others, and after this trip I double confirm these ideas in my mind.

“I have broadened my horizon through talking with the students from San Francisco to St Vincent. I really got more insight of what people think about their country and our country,” Jessie told SEARCHLIGHT.(JJ)