Local reggae artiste releases six-track album
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September 16, 2014

Local reggae artiste releases six-track album

Songs that were written to create consciousness among the people will soon be heard on the airwaves of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Giles Francois, who is popularly known as Ras Bongo Iley, officially released a six-track reggae album last Thursday called “Blame it”.{{more}}

Songs on the album are titled “Who’s Gonna Rock”, “Use What You Got”, “Winner”, “Blame It”, “Good things” and “Celebrate life”.

“This is my first album, but not my first recording,” said the reggae artiste, who noted that he has been singing since he was a teenager.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Francois stated that the song was about speaking out and bringing consciousness to the people of the nation with regards to prominent issues in the country.

“If we should stay silent and do not give truth to the people, we become advocates of evil,” he said. “People keep on blaming the children and this young generation, but the children’s attitude is a reflection of our society, so we can’t blame it on the children.”

The artiste opined that his album will have a positive impact on its listeners, because of the message that he has incorporated into his songs.

Francois also stressed the importance of persons listening to music in an effort to identify with the message and its contribution to development.

In this vein, he called for local DJs and radio stations to play more local music, so that people can garner an appreciation for the local art form.

Francois is a member of the On Tour calypso tent and the St Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Music Professionals (SVGAMP).

Songs are available for listening on YouTube and albums can be bought from Francois or at the market for the price of $25. (BK)