Miss Bikini Babes 2014 rated PG-13
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July 31, 2014

Miss Bikini Babes 2014 rated PG-13

Organizers of the Miss Bikini Babes show have slapped a PG-13 rating on the upcoming event.

For the second consecutive year, six young ladies will compete in four judged categories: futuristic wear, two sets of swimwear and lingerie, as they vie for the title of Miss Bikini Babes.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, organizer Joanna Christopher revealed that although most patrons enjoyed the show last year, they felt that young children should not have been present. As a result, Christopher noted that an age limit has been introduced for this year’s show.

“The show is a different twist to other pageants,” she explained. “There will be lots of sex appeal; so for me, anyone criticizing the show where children are concerned, I would rate the show as PG-13. No children under 13.”

However, the organizer added that it will be the choice of a parent if they wish to bring their child below the age of 13 to the event.

Christopher, who has been the driving force behind several pageants in the Layou community, took the opportunity to encourage persons who did not attend last year’s show to do so this year.

“There are lots of people who say they heard about the show and they missed out, so they’re getting a second glimpse of it. This time, it’s going to be hotter. The girls are even more breathtakingly beautiful to look at,” she said.

The six young ladies vying for this year’s title are Miss Honey, Onikha Mason; Miss Candlelight, Kattian Gaymes; Miss Candy Cane, Shanteuse Delpeche; Miss First Date, Lemeisha Baptiste; Miss Whipped Cream, Condesha Antoine; and Miss Chocolate, Melicia Walker.

Most contestants feel that shows of this kind can help to boost one’s self-esteem.

Onikha Mason, who enjoys dressing up and spending time with her child, feels that the show will help not only to build her self-esteem but help with her social skills as well.

Having entered Miss Layou 2012, Condesha Antoine declared to SEARCHLIGHT her love for pageantry. “I love beauty pageants. I think beauty pageants would lift your self confidence more,” she said.

When she’s not dancing, reading or spending time with her son, Kattian Gaymes likes to experience new things. That is her reason for being a part of Miss Bikini Babes 2014.

“I’m getting along good with all the other girls and it’s nice,” she said. On the night of the show, Gaymes stressed that persons can expect “beauty and talent for sure, intelligence, of course and a lot more.”

Barrouallie resident Shanteuse Delpeche was the winner of the Miss Barrouallie Secondary School pageant in 2011 and recently competed in the Miss Central Leeward 2014 show.

“Persons have to expect a lot of hotness coming out of me,” the 19-year-old said, hinting at her performance for Miss Bikini Babes 2014.

“Seeing as it’s a kind of freaky thing, I’m going to try and bring out the freak in me.”

Despite having no pageant experience, 18-year-old Melicia Walker is promising to deliver beauty, charisma and intelligence on the night on the show.

Miss First Date, Lemeisha Baptiste, is urging the entire country to come and support all of the contestants.

“I want to tell everybody in St Vincent and the Grenadines to come out and support all of us. We are trying our best to put on this show for everyone to come out and have fun,” the Campden Park resident said.

The Miss Bikini Babes will be held on August 2 at the Layou hard court, beginning at 9 p.m.(BK)