Local Vibes
July 11, 2014
Melbourne Artisans and SVG Players take crowns

Veteran mas man Gordon “Tarya” Boucher put his band Melbourne Artisans in winners row in the King of the Bands competition, with his portrayal of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”{{more}}

Boucher and Melbourne Artisans’ presentation for 2014 – “Compliments of the Season” – outscored last year’s winners Guinness Y De Lima Hitz FM 103.7 Blondie Bird and Friends, relegating them into second place. Blondie Bird’s portrayal of “Fireworks,” from their presentation “Heat” was displayed by another veteran masquerader, Ricardo Adams.

Adams won the category last year, while Boucher had to settle for second.

In the third position was SVG Players International’s Julian Pollard, whose portrayal of “At the End of the Rainbow is a Pot of Gold” from the band’s “Beyond the Rainbow” presentation, edged out Hairoun Tribes Mas Band and their presentation “Oceanic Journey.” Their King, Rupert Alexander, portrayed “Titanic, the sinking Wreckage.”

Meanwhile, former Queen of the Bands Jennilee Glasgow regained her crown, with her presentation of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” for her band SVG Players International.

Glasgow edged out last year’s queen, Semone Richardson, who presented “Fire and Ice” for Guinness Y De Lima Hitz 103.7 Blondie Bird and Friends.

In third place was Petra Pompey and her portrayal of “Carib Beer” from the Digicel Ju-C Nelson Bloc’s presentation of “We Drinking.”

Coming in fourth was Verlene Ralph-James, who portrayed “The Sacred and the Profane” from “Dimensions in Life,” an Owen Ralph and the Professionals presentation.(JJ)