J’Ouvert Fanatics does it again
Local Vibes
July 11, 2014

J’Ouvert Fanatics does it again

For yet another year, the group J’Ouvert Fanatics has demonstrated why they are considered masters of J’Ouvert in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The group won with its presentation “Laugh Out Loud (LOL)” at the competition which took place on Monday morning at Bedford Street in Kingstown.{{more}}

J’Ouvert Fanatics beat into second place the Fitz-Hughes J’Ouvert Group with their presentation “As the World Turns,” and arch rivals Green Hill Sports and Cultural Club, with their presentation “Keeping it Real,” into third.

The title of King of J’Ouvert was taken by Aubrey Burgin of J’Ouvert Fanatics, with his portrayal of “Failed Strip Test.” Second was Green Hill Sports and Cultural Club Inc with “Sexi Pastor

Gone Wile,” and third was Cecil McKie of J’Ouvert Fanatics with his portrayal of “Political Graduate.”

J’Ouvert Fanatics also took the Queen of Jouvert title with “On Yo Marks.” The Green Hill Sports and Cultural Club Inc took the second and third positions with “LIAT Chair under Fire” and “Miss In Funds Results.”

In the Individuals category, the Fitz-Hughes J’Ouvert Band took first with “Chicken gun yah”, relegating J’Ouvert Fanatics to second and third with their presentations “Too Much Pressure” and “Green Card Sale Contaxx” respectively.

For the Couples of J’Ouvert, J’Ouvert Fanatics made a clean sweep with “Drink and Jump with Control,” “World Cup Blues” and “Phone-E,” in first, second and third place respectively.

“The Best Bank,” portrayed by J’Ouvert Fanatics, was first for the Groups category, with “More Mess” by Green Hill Sports and Cultural Club and “Rum Council” by Sion Hill Las Vegas placing second and third respectively.

In the painted bands category, the winner was Hot Pink from the group Country Meets Town.

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