Local Vibes
July 11, 2014
DJ crew promises to ‘make dancehall nice again’

Some gifted DJs are promising to “make dancehall nice again” with the formation of a new crew.

The Hairoun Jugglers will launch their new vibe this weekend, with a wet fete cool down, to be held at the South Rivers Hard Court tonight, followed by a “Bashment” at the Africano Disco, also in South Rivers, on Sunday night.{{more}}

Ezra Lampkin, who goes by the stage name DJ Dancehall Magistrate, says that the idea is to bring back dancehall to what it used to be in the past, a place where persons could go and enjoy themselves.

“Over the past years, dance around St Vincent and the Grenadines began to pop down, so we decided that we are going to build back a vibe and make it nice again, with just good music, and a place where you can come and ease your stress.”

The magistrate will be joined by DJ Kano, DJ Juice and DJ Shempel, as they “touch every corner” around the country.

The crew will be accompanied by a video crew to record the happenings for airing on IKTV.

Magistrate said that the Hairoun sponsored group intends to bring the club scene to a level that it once was, with good clean fun and music.

“Jugglers is all about entertainment and having a nice time. When people come to a Hairoun Jugglers event, they would want to follow us everywhere we go,” Magistrate said.(JJ)