Luta celebrating 20 years in music industry
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June 6, 2014

Luta celebrating 20 years in music industry

Soca artist Rondy “Luta” McIntosh celebrates 20 years in the soca music industry this year. The popular performer, known to his many fans as “the crowd motivator”, will throw a celebratory anniversary party this weekend at the cruise ship terminal, with an event called White on the Dock. Luta and some of his closest friends will be there to serenade his guests.

Luta told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, that 20 years in the art-form is momentous for him, and he credits his entry into the industry to him joining one of the biggest bands of the time.

“My introduction to the soca world came in November 1994 when I joined the band Signal with Papa Das (Anthony Glasgow) and Pat Raguette,” Luta reminisced.

“Before that I was into dancehall music, performing at reggae competitions and numerous school concerts; that is where I developed my performing and entertaining skills.

“When I joined Signal, I came to the realization that if you are not a Jamaican, you would not make it too far in this reggae thing, so eventually I started to make the transition to strictly soca from about 1995.”

The Calliaqua native remembers his first recorded track entitled “Hold Him” which was recorded with Davrelle Douglas; it paved the way for the dozens of hits that are now enjoyed on a daily basis, locally, regionally and internationally.

Luta said his rising popularity caused him to land a number of solo gigs, and after nine years with the band, he eventually pursued a solo career.

“Then the Soca Dans came about in about 2005, under the management of Herric Horne of Island Network. The original members were myself, Fireman Hooper, Skarpyon and DJ Taurus.

“Then we had people like Tabia and Jamesy P coming through,” Luta stated.

“Right now it’s me and ‘Fire,’ Shaunelle Mckenzie, Hance and DJ Q.”

Over the years, the singer has had a number of hits, the likes of “Tight Spot,” “Throw Bad Mind,” “Busy Tone,” and a host of others, and has had “Tight Spot” and “Busy Tone” included on the VP Records Soca Gold compilation and distributed worldwide.

As a scoa artist and with his band and groups, Luta has toured the world, mainly the United States and Canada, Europe, and of course, the Caribbean.

Luta says that the cast of his celebratory party, White on the Dock, promises something for everyone who shows up at the cruise ship terminal Saturday night, giving the assurance that patrons would not be disappointed.

“The first thing is that when you’re celebrating such a milestone, it should be done in grand style so there should be something memorable about the occasion so hence the reason why I decided to put on such an event,” Luta said.

“The cast on the event was tailored in such a way that we attract the older party goers who don’t normally get a chance to go out now, plus the young party goers who are not so much into the ‘wild up,’ hence the reunion of Signal, which will bring out our signal fans, plus Black Stalin, Becket and Poorsah to cater to those people. “And then we have the younger artistes who will cater for the younger party goers,” he added.

Apart from the Headliner Black Stalin, Luta said that Raguette and Papa Das will certainly be performing at the show; with Das, now born again Christian, expected to “Bless up” the proceedings on the night.

“I know a lot of people would be looking forward for that. Das will be here to show his solidarity with me since we come from way back at the times of Signal.”

Apart from those mentioned above, White on the Dock will feature the likes of Skarpyon, JAmesy P, Skinny Fabulous, the Soca Dans, Bomani, as well as a host of DJs.

Luta also took the opportunity to thank all the fans, friends and family members who had supported throughout his career and opened the door for him.

“I would like to especially thank Stanley Griffith and Cornelius Blugh; may they both rest in peace, for starting the band Signal and opening the door for me.

“I would also like to thank Jean Johnney Findlay and Dexter Samuel and family, the Dopwell family of Questelles, my hometown Calliaqua, and of course Karen Grant, who approached me to join Signal as a dub artist.”