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June 3, 2014
Some patrons dissatisfied with results of pageant

From the time it was announced that Miss Agricultural Input Warehouse Shackell Bobb was adjudged second runner up in last Saturday’s Miss SVG pageant, it began.{{more}}

The shouts of “cheat” could be heard around the Victoria Park and the posts of dissatisfaction with the results flooded social media site Facebook, in what has now become a predictable post-show activity.

Miss LIME Shadeisha George was crowned queen, while Miss Mustique Company Ltd Karla Gellizeau placed first runner-up.

“Shackell been deserve to win that. Them judges ain’t know nothing. It’s the same thing every year,” one woman shouted, while others, with pink balloons bearing the LIME logo, echoed George’s name.

The grumbling continued even up to yesterday, when on the “AM Mayhem” morning show on Hot 97, hosted by Chris “Too Kool Chris” Jones, some persons expressed their dissatisfaction.

“If I was Shackell Bobb, I woulda get a lawyer and take it to court and find out how I came second. I can’t see how Miss LIME win,” one caller said.

“Shackell win by far,” another caller said.

“The show was good until the crowning. This would be my first and last. They should have given Candy Man. Overall, Miss SVG shouldn’t have won,” a third caller stated.

Co-ordinator of Shows for the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Marlon Stevenson, in a Facebook post, gave a breakdown of the judging criteria.

The swimsuit category carries a total of 25 points. Stevenson said in that category, the contestants were judged on Elegance (6), poise and carriage (8), figure (7) and fit of the swimsuit (4). This category was won by Gellizeau.

The talent category carries a total of 20 points and the contestants are judged on presentation (6), execution (7), creativity (4) and impact (3), he said. George won this category.

The evening gown category carried a total of 25 points. This year, for the first time, evening gowns were pre-judged, on hangers, in dressing rooms backstage by the judges for neatness and finish.

According to Stevenson, “contestants will be judged on stage for beauty of face (6), elegance (6), style (6), fit (4) and appropriateness of accessories (3).” George also won this category.

The Interview segment carries a maximum of 30 points; contestants are judged on diction (8), content (10), fluency (7) and confidence (5). Bobb won that category.

The judges were chief judge Colin Williams, Director of Public Prosecutions; Dr Maurice Robertson, surgeon; Michelle Forsythe, store manager at Coreas; Doreth Mayers, educator at the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua and Dr Francois Truchot, dental surgeon.

Similar accusations had been hurled at the judges in previous pageants, one memorable year being 2012, when Carice Glasgow edged out first runner-up Terranza Franklyn.

Franklyn joined the discussion on Facebook following last Saturday’s show and just as she did back in 2012 beseeched persons not to bash the contestants. She, however, called for a change in the judging system.

“We are always so hard on the contestants and Beauty Show Committee, seems like we forgot they are humans too. Same goes with the judges…. I personally think that the judging system needs to change. …they can have different judges for each categories…,” Franklyn posted.

“This way you have judges who are knowledgeable about a particular segment, and it decreases the chance of dishonesty, because while a contestant might fall in one category, the judges themselves won’t have the opportunity of mark up in another so the points can add up.

“Another suggestion, they can host a workshop for the judges, because despite having a score sheet in front of them half of them overlook things. E.g. Poise, beauty etc. Each judge should have a clear understanding about what to look for, the do’s and don’ts and how to score. When I looked back at past shows I sometimes question how is it possible this person can get this and that when the break down of scores saying something different,” Franklyn wrote.

When contacted yesterday, head of the Beauty Shows Committee Cheryl Rodriguez declined to comment on the matter, except to say that they had an “excellent and fantastic show.”

She, however, issued a press release in which the committee congratulated all eight contestants.

“The Beauty Shows Committee and the CDC congratulate all 8 queens who gave an excellent account of themselves. They worked hard, they performed well. The energy was evident throughout the appearances, which were dynamic and consistent. The introductory appearance was sensational and interesting. The queens delivered what they promised the patrons, a fantastic show. Thank you to all 8 of them for executing well, and for doing what they were taught,” the release said.(KW)