Mascoll showcases art masterpieces in exhibition
Local Vibes
November 12, 2013
Mascoll showcases art masterpieces in exhibition

Twenty-one-year old artist Alexandra Mascoll has introduced to St Vincent and the Grenadines a style of art using only authentic and natural materials from the surroundings, transforming them into environmental art.{{more}}

Mascoll is a 2010 Art graduate of the St Vincent Community College. After graduating, she continued her artistic development and obtained a Master’s degree in Art.

After spending one year creating her masterpieces, the Dorsetshire Hill resident decided to make her work public by hosting a two-week art exhibition at the Oleander restaurant at Rose Place.

The exhibition, which began on November 1 and concludes this Friday, is being held under the theme “Changing Tides”.

Mascoll’s work features mixed media paintings, environmental standing sculptures, two-dimensional and three-dimensional paintings, as well as lamps made from seashells.

“Environmental art, it works for me, because I think it’s important to express something new and different and the responses from people are quite enlightening. It’s refreshing to know that people are ready to accept something that is so different and are ready for a change.

“Everything is authentic, materials such as fan coral and that is what most of my work embodies.”

Other materials used in her creations include seashells, driftwood and seaweed.

Speaking on the theme, Mascoll said that is where her work evolved from and that is what the work embodies, “Changes.”

She, however, noted that the opening night was poorly attended, but the response from those who attended was overwhelming.

“I was a bit disappointed with the turnout, but I was very happy that the people who turned out were very pleased and very amazed by the work they saw. So, that to me was very enlightening and as an artist, I take it as a part of growth,” she said.

Asked what her future plans are as it relates to her career as an artist, Mascoll said she has none.

“To be honest with you, I do not have a future plan. I live a bit on the adventurous side. So, it’s wherever my work takes me I’ll go. If you were to ask me if I imagined having all this two months ago, I would have never known.

“I like the fact that I can live on that adventurous side where I don’t know, because if I do know then it gets a little bit boring,” the artist said.

“For now, though, I’m satisfied with the collection that I put out there because I thought a lot about how best to express these feelings and ideas in a way that it would relate to other people as well and probably in a way that somebody who is not an artist can see a piece of work, identify it and relate to that work,” Mascoll further stated. (AA)