Who will be “kings of the streets”
Local Vibes
October 25, 2013

Who will be “kings of the streets”

After being crowned the best dance group last year, the Ground Breakerz dance group will have to bring their “A game” if they are to retain the crown as best dancers in SVG at this year’s annual National Dance Competition.{{more}}

Since winning the competition last year, other dance groups have challenged the six-member squad about doing a repeat.

The settlement of all arguments takes place today, Friday, October 25, at the Nutricia Hard Court, when dancers from nine other groups face off against the defending dance champions for the top spot as “kings of the streets”.

Some of the top groups competing in this year’s national dance competition include: Break Storm, Supreme Dream Team, British Gang, Equinox, Street Kings, Surprise Dancers.

The event is being organized by Naphtali Promotions.

“The art form of dancing has not yet been embraced fully by many Vincentians. But since the hosting of the first (national) dance competition over the Independence weekend, the response was overwhelming and so myself and the promotion team decided to host another dance competition,” Naphtali Duncan told SEARCHLIGHT.

The young promoter, who is also a member of the Ground Breakerz dance group, however noted that there were many “faults” last year, because of late promotion of the event.

According to Duncan, sponsorship was and continues to be one of their main issues.

This year, however, his team began early preparation and, according to the 22-year-old promoter, “everything is in place and patrons are in for a dance treat.

“It’s going to be spectacular. It’s an Independence treat for the entire family. The dancers will be showing their moves in all different genres of music and it’s a treat that I know both young and old will appreciate,” Duncan said.

The promoter further noted that the main aim of the event is to help expose the talent among young Vincentian dancers. He said that there are many individuals, male and female, who can dance, but do not have the avenues to show their skills.

“They say youth are going astray and getting involved in all sort of illegal activities. But in my opinion, if avenues are created for some of these young individuals, like myself, then I think they’ll look to do more positive things.

“We have a lot of dancers, but nowhere for them to rehearse or even show their talent, unless hired for a show; hence the reason for creating an event so dancers themselves can have the opportunity to showcase their talents.”

The winners of this year’s national dance competition will receive a cash prize of EC$2,000 and a trophy.(AA)